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Identity theft protection is available at NO COST to you and your household through your OPEIU membership.


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  • Dark Web & Internet Monitoring for you and your household
  • U.S.-Based ID Restoration Service
  • Lost Wallet Assistance
  • IQ Center (Our Education Library)
  • Opt-Out IQ (Junk Mail/Do Not Call List)
  • Checking Account Reporting

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“What I love about IdentityIQ services is their alerts. I continue to get alerts about my identity, as well as any credit issues. This is something I enjoy because it gives me peace of mind every single day knowing that its being worked on and monitored."

- Noor, IdentityIQ Customer Since 2012

16.7 million consumers have been impacted by identity theft¹

On average, identity theft victims suffer over $1K in fraud and countless hours of stress. Our team of U.S.-based customer service experts and restoration specialists is ready to step in and help when you need protection most.⁴

More than 1.5 billion personal records have been exposed in data breaches²

Data breaches have exposed most Americans to some form of identity theft. IdentityIQ services monitor your PII (personally identifiable information) and alert you of fraudulent activity. If your data is ever compromised, we help restore your identity and provide identity theft insurance to assist with costs you incur.⁵

Identity thieves use stolen information within minutes³

Identity theft moves at the speed of technology, giving thieves the ability to use your information within minutes. We monitor and scan billions of records to notify you of certain suspicious activity.⁶

Why Do Thieves Steal Your Identity?

What would you do if your identity was stolen? Questions start to flood your mind, leading you down a path of trying to figure out how and where this could have happened and you can’t help but feel violated and insecure. The two questions we all end up having are: why did they steal my identity and more importantly what will they do with my identity? While it’s often difficult to make sense of why a criminal does something, we can help identify a few of the most common things criminals do with a stolen identity.

  • Open new credit cards in your name
  • Make fraudulent purchases
  • Log in to personal accounts (email, social media, bank, etc.)
  • Open new phone and utility accounts in your name
  • Clone your ATM or debit card
  • Change your billing address
  • Obtain a new driver’s license or official ID
  • Use your identity when questioned by police

How IdentityIQ Works

1. Sign Up

In order to get started with IdentityIQ, you only need to provide a few pieces of information. Our sign up process is quick and simple and you will be done within minutes.

2. You're On Our Radar

With our full suite of monitoring products, IdentityIQ actively monitors and gives you insight into changes that are made to your credit report and non-credit related information.⁷

3. We Alert

We want to empower you to see changes as they occur and act quickly if something unexpected happens. If we find or identify suspicious activity, we notify you.

4. We Restore

We have your back when you need our help. If you ever become a victim of identity theft, our experts are here to personally help you get back on track and restore your identity.

5. Financial Peace of Mind

Offering up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, IdentityIQ services provide the financial peace of mind you need if you experience loss of funds or out of pocket expenses.7

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